Quick Writesonic Review: Do You Need This AI Tool?


This quick Writesonic review will give you a great idea about the function of this tools and whether you need to get it or not!

Overall, a good tool

 It’s very good overall and as they improve the deal on Appsumo, I’ll definitely buy more codes to stack.

The UI is very well done and easy to use with a minimum of required input. I really like the projects feature (this keeps my generated output organized, and I can go back in time and review my original inputs – nice and so helpful!).

The platform reminds me of Copy.ai, but it’s not nearly as robust at present. Copy.ai just never disappoints and I’m hoping Writesonic is moving in this direction. Again, promising improvements are on the horizon, so I’m confident that will change.

The generated results are fine, sometimes great, but mostly just fine. There is a blog intro option (like Nichesss) and after inputting just one focused keyword, I was able to generate a few related sentences. Not a paragraph, but nevertheless a good start for further ideas.

The PAS is good – but again, not as good as Copy.ai. The Product descriptions are nothing to write home about – just serviceable – and again lacking a magic are-you-kidding-me (!) wow factor. 

The Google Ads are totally stellar as are the Facebook Ads and others have noticed this as well – So, the wow factor is back! I was very impressed. They are better than anything I could ever construct. PPC agencies will love it. 

The Listicle ideas are just headlines and serviceable – I’m hoping they develop this further. Bullet-pointed ideas really help me get in the flow.

Keep in mind this is not an unlimited generation platform – credits are used here. But the owner is making some features unlimited (startup and growth idea generation, listicle ideas and landing page headlines to name a few). Again, terrific. 

The ability to write blog posts will be the game changer here. They are coming down the turnpike and will, of course, require credits.

I really like the approach of generating a paragraph from some inputted text so the AI knows where I’m heading – and then even better, having the ability to write alongside the AI on an open canvas – something like Shortlyai. It feels like pure magic when you’re in sync with the cursor. So, we are off to a great start.

WriteSonic is another tool I need in my toolbox.

I hope you enjoyed this quick Writesonic review! If you want to give it a spin- here is a link.


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