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When we write a blog, one of our main concerns as writers is ‘is this a good idea’? Will people be interested, will anyone even read it? It is all daunting. Below is a list of ways to find search engine optimization friendly blog ideas.


Google is the mothership of all search engines. It currently has around 246 million visitors just from the USA. The best way to use Google as an idea machine is the drop-down bar. If you have heard a lot about a popular trending subject, let’s say, diets- type diet into the Google bar and it will give you a drop list of all the most popular things people have searched for in relation to diets. You can do this with any subject and get the most popular ideas, therefore you will always be on trend and relevant.


Talking of trending, there aren’t many websites more popular than Pinterest for unique ideas that blow up. A bit like Google, Pinterest also allows you to search for popular topics, with 200 million users you are bound to find plenty of suggestions. Pinterest also allows you to create an account and add your own ideas to see if they are popular or not, the amount of views it gets will let you know whether that particular subject is worth your time or to move on to the next.

Using the correct keywords in your blogs is detrimental to whether it will be SEO friendly or not. Sites such as will help you with this matter. It will help you find some of the keyword ideas suggested by search engines. It as well gives a list of queries associated with your search and from there you can choose which one suits your subject the best. Be sure to use a well searched keyword in the title of your content, headlines, descriptions, ALT tags, and the main body.

Email Lists

If you are a blogger and haven’t yet got an emailing list, you are missing out on potential future content that is fully SEO friendly. Asking for your readers opinions on certain subjects can be a very simple way to find out whether the subject will do well or not, not only that your readers can also give you ideas on what they enjoy reading about and what they think will do well, it can even become an exciting conversation that can be done on a regular basis to keep you in the know and up to date. Setting up an email subscription on your website is easy to do with tools such as WordPress.


I have placed this one last as it can be tricky, posting links is a great way to get people to your page to click on an internal link to more things published by you or similar to you. External links can be good because it helps Google to find new pages in your site by associating a new post with a previously published post. However, posting links that aren’t relevant can have the opposite effect. The more people that click on your links the better as this will make your SEO rating rise and can potentially see you become a trending page!

An SEO friendly blog post means your blog isn’t only liked by the search engine but also easy for readers to follow and understand, this can be a tricky thing to accomplish. Using the information above will hopefully set you in the right direction to becoming an SEO expert.

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