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Although young, is a rapidly growing community of content creators, developers, and enthusiasts all uniting together with one common interest…


We are strong advocates of free knowledge, to help empower people and to improve themselves in their chosen speciality, and thus building upon this knowledge to excel at what they do and to then be in a position to help others through shared experiences.

What is is a 100% free platform toshare, learn and build-upon the experiences of others.

  • It’s a place to exchange ideas, and to gain invaluable insight.
  • It’s a place to practice your skills, and build an audience.
  • It’s a place to be a mentor, and mentee.
  • It’s a place to learn!

Don’t have a blog yet?

We’re all about giving you the tools to help you get going on your quest to share knowledge. So if you need web hosting, help finding a domain name, and getting your first site built – we’ll help you with all of it – just make magic with your blog content!

But what if I already have a blog?

That’s Awesome! is all about sharing knowledge, not owning it – so we accept re-posts from your blog, original content, thought ideas, reviews – it’s a great place to help build awareness for what you are doing – to get more eyeballs on your project and even help drive traffic to your site. And if you want help migrating to our hosting offer, just ask.

I am not very good at writing 🙁

That’s fine – we are not here to judge, we are here to help you improve and be your BEST. Our community is composed of experts and beginners, from all walks of life, around the world.It is through feedback, and iterative learning that improvements are made. We are here to help.

How is this free? is supported by volunteers, and the occasional sponsor, to help keep our community thriving and our servers running. There should never be a price tag for learning or sharing knowledge, especially in the world of digital content.

Where do I sign up?

Simple. Click the button below, to send us a message – let us know a little about yourself, and what topics you would like to cover. We will get back to you asap, and explain the next steps to get you setup.

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