Our Mission

We are a pioneering organization for content creators and managers,
dedicated to advancing and supporting professionals. We promote industry
information and create opportunities for collaboration and networking.
Further support is available via access to professional development tools
built on our foundation pillars of education, integrity, and accountability.

We intend to achieve this through:

Being a central resource for industry news and information that are relevant to the members

  • Aggregation of vendor announcements
  • Releases of accurate reports on security and compliance issues
  • Unbiased opinions, reviews, and other relevant articles that are written by members or industry experts
  • Providing a resource with detailed information on vendors of products and services that have been evaluated by the members

Providing training and education resources

  • Best practices
  • Suggested workflows for achieving content outcomes
  • Recorded training sessions including tutorials and webinars
  • Live sessions with participants including online events that may provide continuing education credits. Some of these may be vendor-sponsored
  • Other continuing education opportunities
  • Certification opportunities

Networking and collaboration opportunities

  • Conferences
  • Local events
  • Remote events

Maintaining a close relationship with industry partners

  • Partnering with vendors who understand and are willing to take into account member concerns as part of their business practices
  • Ensuring that industry partners provide us with accurate information about who they are, including but not limited to:
      • legal status and management team
      • security and compliance policies
      • product roadmap
  • Working with industry partners to provide discounts and other benefits for the members
  • Mediating member issues with industry partners

Officially, we’re being legally formed as the Association of Independent Copywriters, a
nonprofit business league under section 501c6 of the Internal Revenue Code (US).