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Customer feedback is something every business will receive, and whether good or bad it should be responded to. Negative feedback can make you feel rubbish, but below is a list of ways to respond to both positive and negative feedback.

Share the Positives

If you receive a positive piece of feedback, especially about one particular person or item- share it! Not only will it show a positive online reputation and make the buyer or reader aware you really do read comments, it will show the particular person or item in a great light and make more people want to try it out. Recognising success will always be appreciated too, so if it is a member of staff make sure you tag them when sharing.

Always be Grateful

Whenever you receive a bit of positive feedback, show gratitude. And by that I don’t just mean an off the cuff ‘thank you’, I mean use their first names and really make it personal. They have taken time out of their day to show appreciation to you so you should do the same. It is always a good idea to sign off with your name so any potential customers can see that you personally respond to feedback, whether good or bad. This shows great customer engagement and can really make people lean towards buying from you or using your services.

Apologize and Sympathize

If you have been accused of bad services or items and realized, that you are in fact wrong, admit it! You are only human after all. Apologise and fix your mistake. Sympathize with the customer and show it, don’t get into an online fight, even if they are in the wrong. This looks super bad for any business. Also, try not to have the last word. Just accept they were unhappy and try to resolve it. Some things won’t be able to be resolved and that is okay- as long as you have clearly tried to apologise and sort things. This is really important to customers.

Solve the Issue

This may seem obvious, but whenever possible, solve any issues! The best response to any negative feedback is one that shows compassion and understanding and directly addresses any problems raised. Reassure the customer that the issue is being looked into already and offer them a form of compensation, refund or replacement. Your efficient response will really stand out when people are looking to purchase anything from you in the future.

Reinforce the Positives

Agree with the customer that has left the positive feedback and just let them know about all the behind the scenes hard work it has taken to get to that point, if it is negative feedback just explain how hard working the team is and apologize for the inconvenience then follow the suggestion above. You can also use positive feedback to promote other items or services you offer. This is a great way to build customer traffic and show off your other items…Win-win!

Producing a product and marketing it is only half the story. Sustained commitment to developing a customer-oriented culture, followed by constant gathering, analyzing, and sharing the feedback plays a crucial role in promoting your business. Always go back to your customers and tell them you implemented their suggestions. It is a solid basis for building a long-term relationship with them

Michelle Brooks

Receiving customer feedback is great, whether good or bad. It shows you what you are doing great and where you still need to improve. So use it for your own advantage- show that you care and try to enhance your products and services!

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