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The value of content marketing strategy has never been higher now. The whole idea behind this is to help your audience by providing them with helpful and relevant information. But, sometimes, creating content is challenging. It takes time and effort. You may have a hard time keeping up with the rising competition and conveniently producing high-quality content. More often than not, you will find yourself repeating the same information again and again. 

Thankfully, with the help of AI Writing Assistant, you can speed up the process of creating content without the need to spend a whole lot of time researching. This tool is revolutionizing the writing industry and the results are astonishing. It becomes a perfect assistant for busy content marketers to create unique, interesting, and more engaging content faster. With this tool, you can allow yourself to just sit back and enjoy a stress-free writing experience. 

What is an AI Writing Assistant?

An AI Writing Assistant is a computer program that uses artificial intelligence to help you write better. Although it can be used for any type of content, it is usually used by bloggers to generate more engaging blog posts for the readers.

It uses a complex of algorithms to process data and write original texts for you. It also helps you proofread your content by looking at your writing and identifying common mistakes that you might not notice while making your sentences. Then, it suggests the correction to you so that you can improve your writing.

Why should you use an AI Writing Assistant for your content?

Many have not realized the benefits of using an AI Writing Assistant in their writing tasks. The truth is if you are a writer, an entrepreneur, a freelance, or just a busy person that needs to produce content, you should be using this tool. Here’s why:

Create unique and more engaging contents

If you’re tired of staring at a blank page and don’t know where to start, there’s an AI Writing Assistant that can help you put your ideas into words. An AI Writing Assistant uses machine learning to write better content. It has a database of billions of sentences connected to hundreds of themes so it can help you write unique and more engaging content each time you need to produce one. Better contents boost your brand’s engagement with your audience. So you always need to create unique and more engaging pieces to help you in your content marketing strategy.

Save Time

If you are like most marketers, you probably hire a team of writers to create and publish content for your blog, business website, or other marketing needs. But sometimes, even seasoned writers may find it challenging to write faster. With the use of an AI Writing Assistant, you can save yourself from hours of painstaking work. This tool is a great way to save time while getting well-written content that appeals to your audience. It can improve your productivity in the long run. 

Top 5 AI Writing Assistants

AI Writing Assistant has become increasingly popular recently as it can be used to improve your content for free. I’ve been using some tools to help me create better content for my website and the following are my most recommended. 


Headlime is an AI Writing Assistant that not only helps you create content for your blog but also automatically generates better copy for your business. It uses a set of rules and algorithms to produce writing pieces that are relevant and helpful. It is best for marketing agencies, copywriters, and business owners who are building high-quality landing pages. 

You can try this for free. But if you want to get better results, you can sign up for $59 per month and you will get 1,500 credits monthly. If you use it for business, its price starts at $399 per month. For this subscription, you have unlimited credits. One credit is equivalent to one to ten unique words generated by this tool. If you are not satisfied with the results, you can request a refund. 


Nichesss is another AI assistant that is developed to assist you in creating blog posts. It is designed to be your writing partner to help you generate ideas, imitate human writing styles, and gather data while allowing you to focus on writing the blog post itself. When you use this, you can generate blog titles, blog post intro, blog post outline, listicle items, listicle-style post titles, and many more. 

For the pricing, Nichesss has three plans namely: 

  • Rookie: $29/mo
  • Intermediate: $39/mo
  • Pro: $99/mo

If you are not yet ready for a paid subscription, you can take advantage of their free trial. 


ProWritingAid is a writing assistant that helps you create better content by finding problematic phrases, passive voice, adverbs, and wordy phrases. It also corrects your grammar and spelling mistakes, recommends vocabulary to use, removes fluff, and detects plagiarism. It includes a readability analysis feature to provide you with a score to ensure that your content is appropriate for your audience. It is best for creative, business, and academic writing. 

ProWritingAid offers a free trial and has a free version. But if you want to access all of its features, you can purchase it for $20 for a monthly subscription, $79 for a yearly subscription, and $399 for a lifetime subscription. 


Quilbot is a fully automated writing assistant that enables you to paraphrase sentences faster and more effectively. It takes your input and turns it into content that is readable and sounds as if a human wrote it.  Aside from this, it also offers a wide range of features such as summarizer, readability checks, SEO optimization, and grammar checker. 

What’s good about this tool is that you can use this for free with or even without an account. But if you want to increase your character limit and for even faster processing, you can upgrade your account to a Premium. You can choose a monthly plan for  $4.95, a semi-annual plan for $4.19, and an annual plan for $3.33. 


Shortly is a new AI writing assistant that can help you write blog posts. It uses natural language processing and deep learning to understand what you want to say, then it will suggest words to finish your sentence even if you have never used them before. It is designed to learn from your writing and adapt to your style over time. So, it will not be a problem whether you write long or short sentences because Shortly can easily learn that. 

To get familiar with this tool, you can start their free trial. You can choose between an Annual Plan wherein you need to pay $24.99 monthly or Monthly Plan which costs $39.99 per month. With your paid plan, you can write as much as you want because they do not have a credit system that would limit you from finishing your writing task. 

Final Thoughts

AI Writing Assistant is undoubtedly helpful and capable of writing high-quality and more engaging content that will help you rank your website and business to the top of the search engines, not to mention the amount of time you can save in the process of writing. Aside from creating unique blog posts based on keywords, it can help you proofread your work and can help you create social media posts as well. 

However, AI-generated content still needs refinement. The majority of AIs do not generate full content. So, do not just copy and paste everything from the app to your website. It is just a tool to make your writing task easier and not meant to replace actual writing. Also, when it comes to SEO, it cannot replace humans because some of the AI tools do not do keyword research and do not pay attention to keyword density. But it is still a good tool to invest in to help you produce content more regularly and be more productive.

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