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gadgets for tech nerds
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Nerds and gadgets go together like sausage and chips, they just work. Technology nowadays is fierce. The gadgets even more so, and with Christmas coming up technology enthusiasts can be hard to buy for! Below we look at the top 5 gadgets every nerd must have!

Echo Auto

Alexa has become a household name in the last few years, so this gadget is an obvious one! Echo auto allows you to add Alexa to your car! The echo auto has all the features of the normal Alexa devices, you can use your voice to play music, check the news, make calls, add to your to-do list, set reminders, check petrol prices and more. It is designed to hear you over air conditioning and the sound of traffic with its 8 powerful microphones. It has an auto mode for when you are driving and even has a privacy mode which automatically disconnects all microphones. The Echo Auto can be purchased for around £50 here, on Amazon.

Multipurpose Pen

Tech nerds are always fixing something, whether it is fixing something to a wall or replacing batteries. A multipurpose pen is a great way to fulfil his writing and fixing needs all in one. We found this one on Amazon for £10.99

This amazing piece of kit offers a ballpoint pen with 4 Pen Refills, a spirit level, a ruler, a Slot and cross head screwdriver, a stylus pens for tablets and mobile phones and a Pocket clip… All in one! Any tech fanatic would feel complete with a pen like this!


Screen Magnifier with Speaker

Ever tried to see the screen on your phone if you have forgotten your glasses or the sun is too bright? This screen magnifier will do the trick! It has Anti-ultraviolet for Eye Protection. The mobile phone screen magnifier adopts high-definition blue-ray lens and can magnify 3-4 times to avoid visual fatigue. The Bluetooth speaker also allows the volume on your phone to increase for the hard of hearing. The best bit is it is compatible with all smart phones! You can get yours for just £22.99 here, on Amazon.

Cell Phone Sanitizer

With the current pandemic and social distancing easing, it is important to always wash your hands to stay safe. But have you ever thought about washing your phone? It is unbelievable how many germs live on your mobile phone and you touch them or put them to your face several times a day. So, the cell phone sanitizer has definitely made it on our list. This non-expensive one we found not only does phones but with its large sanitizer space it also fits glasses, makeup brushes, watches, wallets, money, jewelry. This particular version even has an aromatherapy setting to make your phone not only safe, but smelling nice too! You can get yours for £42.99 here, on Amazon.

Apple Air Tag

If you are like me, you would lose your head if it wasn’t screwed on! I am forever losing things from the tv remote to my phone! With the Apple air tag you can put a stop to this! The Apple air tag is easy to set up with your Apple iPhone or iPad, you can attach this tag to anything from keys to wallets. If it goes missing, simply ping it and a noise will be made to alert you as to where the item is. Simple as that but a real life and time saver! You can purchase the tag as a keyring form or simple tag and you can get them in a variety of colors. We have opted for a Bluetooth single tag in a silver color for a mind-blowing £29, an incredibly small amount of money if you think about all the things you could have saved from being lost! You can pick yours up here, on Amazon.

With technology changing all the time this list is compiled from our 2021 top picks, we are certain this list will be updated in the coming years, so keep an eye out!

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