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Selling is hard work, not only have you got to keep up to date with current affairs, you also have to do the editing, sharing, spell checking, making sure your photos look like they will sell…All sorts of tasks. That is why we have accumulated a list of the best 5 apps for business that you should have on your smart device to make selling a breeze!


FreshBooks is a must have app for any business owner, it makes accounting so much easier. The features in this app include invoicing, expense tracking, time tracking, a host of business reports, even an option to take credit card payments. FreshBooks also integrates with lots of popular services to allow you stress free transactions. You can purchase FreshBooks from as little as £11.40 a month, which is a small price to pay for all the wonderful in-depth features. For the premium addition you will be looking at around £44 a month, so work out which you think your business needs to make sure you aren’t over spending.

Avast Business Antivirus Pro

It goes without saying, when you own a business you will have a lot of confidential items stored on your computer. This ranges from the businesses bank transactions to customers names and addresses. This all needs to be kept ‘under lock and key’ as breaching this confidentiality can land you in a lot of trouble. Avast has a lot of features including antivirus, Firewall, email protection, anti-spam and the ability to sandbox applications for complete security. It even offers a file shred feature. This amazing antivirus can be purchased for as little as £27 a year! A no brainer really!


Not many people may think of PayPal when it comes to businesses, but nowadays PayPal is one of the most used platforms for transactions online. The great thing about PayPal is there are no monthly fees to pay and both you and your customer are protected when it comes to sales.

PayPal is super easy to use and can be used as a stand-alone payment platform or subscription payments can be arranged. PayPal also offers additional features to grow into, such as taking in-store payments through a card reader. With no hidden costs or monthly charges this is another no brainer for us.


As a business owner you probably already have a LinkedIn account, but were you aware they offer an app to make the site more accessible on the go? With the app all sorts of features are unlocked, from sending messages on the go, adding new connections, recruiting, following inspirational companies of business. You can even keep an eye on your competitors. LinkedIn is free to use but as with a lot of apps you can upgrade to the premium version which of course gives you a lot more features. This can be purchased for around £25-£50 a month depending on the scale of ‘premium’ you want to go.


For small businesses, this inventory app is a life saver. With this simple to use app you can check profit margins, compare locations and see sales trends. It will also automatically tell you what is selling well and what is not doing so good, it also allows you to skip a restock if you have a lot of one item. This incredible app will also alert you if it believes there has been a potential theft, how great is that?! Shopventory doesn’t have its own payment processing system but it does integrate with systems like Square, Shopify and PayPal. This can be purchased from as little as £25 a month for a paid plan.

Hopefully this list has set you on the way to becoming a stress free and prepared business owner!

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