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When it comes to being productive, I think everybody struggles sometimes. Whether it is getting out of bed, going to work or just doing the house work- sometimes everything feels like a chore. We have compiled a list of the best productivity apps on the market in 2021.


We are all guilty of spending too much time on the net browsing endlessly, if you found out exactly how much time was spent doing that…Would it change your habits? Well RescueTime is great for this exact thing! By using this app you will automatically become more productive by realizing just how much of your time is spent on social media. You can also set yourself goals and track your progress. It is a win win!

Get RescueTime here.

Lumen Trails

If you are a tracker and like to track everything you do, this is the perfect app for you. Lumen trails allows you to track habits, spending goals, sleep goals, calories…All sorts. You can set up to-do lists and a daily journal and even load the habits you want to tackle the most. This is a great way to keep your mind clear and in turn, happy!

Get Lumen Trails here.


This one is an absolute must-have! Slack connects your desktop files and your phone seamlessly which is great for people that need access to their work in the office and on the go. With this app it is easy to communicate with your team, organize topics and share important documents. With work being this easy, it gives you so much time to be productive in other ways!

Get Slack here.


Using Dropbox provides you with loads of cloud storage which can be used to store any uploads and documents. Access is easy from you phone along with being able to review, edit and send. Dropbox will also send you a notification if someone else is working on a change so you know you can use your expertise elsewhere.

Get Dropbox here.


When it comes to having to remember passwords, change them regularly and making sure they are all secure enough to be used, it can be a chore. With 1Password it can be essentially used as a vault for passwords, including a family section so you don’t have to remember everyone else’s passwords too! With 1Password you simply remember one master password or have a face id turned on and you are good to go, saving lots of important brain space for other things!

Get 1Password here.

Assistive Drawer

Assistive drawer is a great app to have if you are finding your phone screen or computer screen cluttered. It essentially sits invisibly at the side until you swipe to open up a folder with all your most used or favourite apps. This can save plenty of time you would usually use switching between apps. You can even customize font styles and themes to make it as individual as you are!
Get Assistive Drawer here.


This is one of the more known apps to have to save a bit of time. Grammarly will automatically spellcheck, check sentence structure and more before you hit send on that email to your boss or a client! You used to only be able to use this incredible feature online but they now have it as an app, how great is that?!

Get Grammarly here.

All of the above apps offer free trials or versions at the time of writing. These can be upgraded for various amounts if you find you are loving the app.

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