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There will always come a time when you are a writer where you brainstorm and brainstorm yet can think of nothing to write about. You feel like everything has been said or done already, either by you or other bloggers. But don’t despair, there are always things you can do when you feel like all is lost, below are a few examples.

The Comment Section

Whenever you are feeling like you haven’t got any ideas four your next blog or article, go to a previous well read one, one with a lot of comments. If you are stuck you can even read other people’s comment sections. There will always be questions or general comments- if you have an answer or an opinion to these- there is your next piece. If you feel the comments or answers will be too short for each blog, combine all answers and replies into one Q&A type of blog post. Remember, that articles don’t always have to be about big news, sometimes people just like to be heard and responded to!

Your Archives

This one may be considered risky, but I think it’s clever! If you are an avid blogger you will have written a lot of blogs or articles, possibly stemming back years. Go back to the beginning and update or change bits of articles that are still relevant. Update them with recent information and repost.  You can link it to your old post, this way you have added new content to your blog and still help bring traffic to the old post as well. You can call it a blast from the past series.


This is where you become a little sneaky. If you are completely out of ideas go on the good ‘ole YouTube, this timeless website always receives millions and millions of views daily. Find out what is drawing in the most views and grab a pen and paper. Don’t copy it word by word, but you can easily turn a video into a written piece with your own spin on it. Chances are if people are watching it-they will read it too. You can even combine different videos so people are receiving more information out of your piece than they would from just watching a video, smart hey!

A Change up

I know it may seem scary, but sometimes you have to do things out of your comfort zone, this includes in your writing. Your readers will usually come to expect certain pieces from you as this is what they are used to. Maybe it is health-related, parent advice,  fashion… However, if you have run out of things to write about try something you haven’t before. Look at other sites and see what is popular at that current time, get some inspiration and surprise your regulars with something a little different. They will hopefully love it, but even if they hate it at least you have stayed consistent with your timings and hopefully, by the next article or blog you will have something else to write about!


This is the last resort, it may work, it may not. But earlier we spoke about the comments section- some people will write comments or ask questions via email as this is what they prefer. If you do come across a question asked by someone via email that you know many would like an answer to, instead of replying to the person that asked the question, answer it as a blog post and give the person the link to the post. This will also make the person who asked the original question or gave the comment feel listened to and hopefully also provide you with your first sharer! You can also let people know this blog was based on a reader’s question and you may get more suggestions through for future pieces!

Big news isn’t always needed to produce great pieces, using your own initiative and finding out what people want will always see ideas coming into your head. Don’t give up and keep being creative!

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