The Struggles of Being a Blogger and how to Overcome Them

struggles of being a blogger
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I am sure that, as a blogger, you have already encountered and overcame some obstacles in your career. Below is a list of the 5 most common struggles of being a blogger and how you could overcome them. 

Lack of Inspiration

Finding content ideas for your newest blog is one of the hardest things to do. You find that either everything has been done before or you just have a mind blank and can’t think of any subjects that sound just right.

Here are a few ideas that can help you find inspiration for a new blog post:

  • Ask your audience
  • Check performance reports on Google
  • Check out popular social media posts
  • Go with the current world events

If you get really stuck, you can even try out a title generator such as this one. It could help you think up content. You will have a new subject in no time!

Gaining an Audience

Another common struggle is finding- and keeping- an audience. There are a few simple tricks you can do to gain an audience, things like- sharing your blog on all of your social media pages and asking family and friends to share it, give out promotional items, become part of a blogging network, you can even get a blogging buddy!

Keeping an audience is a little harder. Make sure you stick to a schedule so your audience knows when to expect a blog, posting competitions and giveaways regularly is also a sure way to keep your audience happy.

One of the most important things to do though is to be active! Engage with any comments, show your audience you are listening and will respond. It is a hard job to start with but once you have a loyal following you will start to see it grow!

Staying Motivated

So, you have content and you have an audience…But you have no motivation to work on your blog. Again, this is something a lot of bloggers find happens at one point or another. There are steps to take to make sure your motivation levels stays at top-notch:

  • Eat and stay hydrated. You will need the energy and brainpower to keep going.
  • Get enough sleep. Being sleep deprived will automatically set you back.
  • Take breaks. Don’t overwork yourself, take regular breaks.
  • Step outside. Fresh air will help you wake up and get the important VitD.
  • Set daily goals. And stick to completing them.

Some days you will just REALLY feel like not blogging, and that’s okay, forcing a blog will make it sloppy, so having a day off now and then is also fine to do!

Your Competition

Like in any job, you will face competition. You may put your heart and soul into a blog and then read one that is very similar…but better. This is something we all face and it is very disheartening. Don’t let this stop you though-always try to be on top of the game but don’t worry if you fall a couple of times. This is totally natural in the blogging world.

If you find a blog similar to yours, add something the other blog doesn’t have- maybe it is a giveaway, maybe they have done 5 tips so you can do 6, even making it more aesthetically pleasing would work. Try and share yours more, too- obviously the more viewers the better. So share, share, share! You could even write a catchier headline. Any of these tips will help you to stay above the rest.

Being Overwhelmed

Now, the final point I want to add is the feeling of being totally overwhelmed. Whether you are new to blogging or not, it is a lot to take in! Don’t try to correct everything at once- perfection isn’t real.

"Take your time as a new blogger and don’t put too much pressure on yourself. Putting that pressure on yourself is one way to make you feel overwhelmed and usually that's why people give up in the first few months."

Olivia Lucie Blake

Be kind to yourself and enjoy it, if you are feeling like it is all a little too much, take a break and come back to it. Check out this article for some brilliant tips.

Creating any kind of online business is difficult and blogging is no different.

Bloggers – especially beginners – will struggle with a lot of things but they have to understand that this is the only way they learn. Keep going and you will succeed in no time!

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