How to Elevate Your Blog With 5 Simple Tips

elevate your blog
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We, bloggers, put so much effort into creating our content, sometimes it feels like it is wasted if not enough people see it. This can put a massive downer on your mood and affect future articles. Below are 5 tips to help you elevate your blog.

Build an Email List

This is a simple yet effective tip. Building an email list will automatically broadcast your blog to potential followers. A good way to start building loyal listers is to offer a free ebook or premium content that readers can only get by entering their name and email. People don’t like to miss out, so offer them something exclusive and they will probably sign-up. Adding a pop up to your main blog page will boost the chances of people seeing this sign up option!

Stay Relevant

Staying up to date with world news and popular content is imperative. It should be obvious that blogging about old news will see little to no readers and in turn no followers and regular clickers. Using sites such as this one can help you look up which subjects are popular in real-time. This won’t only help you to stay relevant but will also give you subject and headline ideas. Win, win!


A lot of people don’t know about this little goldmine (no shame here, I didn’t know it also!). Google has a +sharing button! With over half a billion people using it, it is a sure way to share your post! Add the Google+ button to your page using the instructions on the PerishablePress site. After it is added you can even check the views on your photo or blog!

  • Go to picasaweb site
  • Click on the Photos from Posts (or an album if you post in a particular album)
  • Click on the photo.
  • Click on the photo AGAIN. See under the photo for the number of views.

Keep Regular

Keeping your readers guessing as to when your next blog will be released is a great way to lose followers. People like routine and will even start to look forward to seeing your blogs. Posting regularly (once a week seems to be the most popular) will let your readers know you are serious about your content. Holding competitions or giveaways on those certain days will make your post more popular and shareable because everyone loves a freebie!

If you are unable to post one week, let your readers know in advance, audience engagement is a must so they will appreciate any advanced warnings. And talking of engagement- reply regularly to any comments that may be posted on your page, readers love to feel listened to.

A Great Intro

One of the most important points to make is the introduction. You know the saying “you never get a second chance to make a first impression”- this goes for blogging too. The first thing someone will read is the introduction, so it needs to draw them in and make them want to read the rest. Tips for this include:

  • Make it personal- connect personally with your audience
  • Keep them thinking- ask a question
  • Be bold- Use italics, text bolding, dot points or colons
  • Light-hearted- puns always go down a treat

Most of all, people want value. So if you’re writing a post, make it count.  Make it relatable. Make it readable. Make it accessible on every level… And then throw in some of the fun stuff.

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