How to Make Money with WordPress?

make money with wordpress
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Ever wondered the best ways to make money online? Well with WordPress there are several ways! Below is a short list of exciting ways to make money using WordPress.

Sell Your Skills

You don’t have to know everything about WordPress before you can start teaching what you do know. There is a massive market for teaching skills online and WordPress has no shortage of these. You can use your skills to teach:

  • Building themes and plugins
  • Designing sites
  • How to use WordPress
  • Create tutorials of ‘how to’

Sell Products

Your WordPress site can become an online store for just about any physical or digital product. From E-books and digital images to clothes and other goods, paired with a free e-commerce plugin you will be able to start selling and earning money in no time!

Wix: Start selling online.

Offer Courses

A little like the first idea, if you are good at something, teach it! Any skills you wish to share can be created into online courses and tutorials via a WordPress site. These courses can be sold through subscriptions or memberships to your site. Some WordPress themes are learner-based and will turn your website into a classroom in no time, using plugins such as Learndash will have you selling your skills in the blink of an eye.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is where you recommend a product or service using a special tracking link and then get a commission when someone signs up or buys something using your link. An example of this is if you change energy supply, it will ask at the bottom if someone referred you, if you click yes you will both get a reward.

By becoming a blogger on WordPress, you can research what people really want and start contacting companies to give you the relevant links to add to your blog. It isn’t an easy money maker, but once you get started it will be a fun way to earn some money.

Freelance Writing

Being your own boss as a freelance writer is one of the most satisfying careers you can have. Before you write though, you must establish your credibility. To do this, building a site in WordPress is the best way. Using a theme such as Avada Freelancer will help you create a beautiful yet functional site to start sharing with friends and family and further. Don’t forget to monetize your blog though!

Here you can find some great ideas on how to start monetizing.

Overall, WordPress can be used by so many people for so many things, the list above is just a brief explanation of what can be done. There is so much more. Go to the WordPress website to find out more.

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