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best free wordpress themes
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Are you wanting to use WordPress but are confused about all the themes available? We have got you covered! Below we have compiled a list of the 10 best FREE WordPress themes to use in 2021. This is a varied selection that includes free WordPress themes with premium options and formerly premium themes that are now free.

A Quick Fix

Astra- a speed based and versatile WordPress theme that is easy to use. There are hundreds of options available to users and their starter site system lets you import dozens of website designs at the click of a button.

Ascend- full of features usually only found in premium themes! Ascend also adds styles and customizable options to make your online store truly stand out from the competition.


Business Owner- this theme uses a flat design with a colourful header image on a white background. Stark white fonts make up the headline and a complementary blue colour adds interest. Simple navigation, multiple content elements and a contemporary aesthetic prevail throughout the page.

Nothing Personal- fully featured, it boasts a full range of colours, layouts, sliders, optimizations and compatibility. The free version is almost as great as the premium!

For the Bloggers

Hemingway- a simple, effective design with a single column layout for blog posts with a modest sidebar. It features colourful header sets and with lots of white space, it makes it perfect for any blogger.

Fascinate- it features all the things needed to start your blogging career. The image slider has great proportions, navigation is easy and there is a perfect balance between fonts and white space. 

For the Minimalists

Tempo- a minimal design with a simple elegance to it. As a free WordPress theme, it is designed for simple pages with the black and white font but does promote the premium version.

iFeature- this theme is perfectly designed for e-commerce sites, blogging, personal profiles, startups, and more. iFeature’s touch-friendly drag-and-drop elements allow you to set up a professional website in minutes!

Magazine Extroverts

Mismo- one of the most impactful free WordPress themes on our list. It’s a full-page magazine layout that grabs your attention immediately and doesn’t let go. There are three demos for the free version and easy has a similar layout, just with different colour palettes.

Belini- the most colourful theme on our list, it really helps to bring your magazine to life. It has beautiful layouts and lets you have full control over all items in the theme.

Three things you need to be aware of when using free themes are that it may be an older design, you may have little support and it may go a little slower. But once you have overcome these, your website will look exactly how you want it! Free themes are perfect for beginners or for trialling too.

We really hope you enjoyed this list of the best free WordPress themes! 

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