What Is AI? Debunking the Mysteries of Artificial Intelligence

What Is AI? Debunking the Mysteries of Artificial Intelligence
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What is AI?

AI, also known as artificial intelligence, enables computers and machines to mimic the capabilities of a human, such as problem-solving and decision making. AI has been around for a lot longer than you may think, in fact, its first use was way back in 1956.

Below is a list of various examples of artificial intelligence.

Social Media Feeds

Believe it or not, while you’re scrolling through Facebook, Instagram or any other social network platform, you’re using artificial intelligence. From your notifications to the adverts shown while you are scrolling, AI is at work. In this case, it takes into consideration your web searches, interactions and past behaviours to tailor adverts etc based just for you. Smart hey!

Video Games

Whether you play them or not, you will have heard of video games. In the last few years they have taken the world by storm. But how does this work?

Video game producers have developed scenarios in which you are always using AI. You start at an opening level where you are playing against a computer- this is AI. You think you are playing against your friends; however, AI is at work moving your characters etc.

A little like the social media intelligence, video games take into consideration your ability level and your interests to keep you coming back for more.


Ever been lost while trying to get from A to B? What do you do in a situation like this? Most people nowadays would grab their device and look at Google maps or something similar. Any online navigation device will be using complicated AI information to give you up to date real time traffic data to ensure you take the easiest route.

They Are Watching You!

Cameras and CCTV surveillance is everywhere. It is not possible for humans to keep an eye on things 24/7, from shoplifters to street crimes or just keeping your home safe, CCTV will be your eyes at all times.

With facial recognition, number plate recognition and imaging getting better as the days go by, artificial intelligence is certainly getting smarter. Some will say this makes them feel safer, some say it’s an intrusion of privacy, what do you think?


Arguably one of the most important forms of AI is healthcare. From calling an ambulance to being in hospital, artificial intelligence plays a huge part. Computers are used to store your information, including illnesses and allergies, but more importantly, AI has made it a lot easier to detect diseases early and to treat them!

Thousands of people’s personal information is kept in one computer like a virtual safe, even the use of a password to access this information uses AI. Imagine how many illnesses and diseases would go undetected without the use of this intelligence.

AI Copywriting Tools

A copywriter is a professional writer responsible for writing the text, or copy, used in marketing and promotional materials. To write good quality content, the copywriter has to plan, do a lot of research, write a piece, and finally- proofread.

AI copywriting tools can greatly help in this process. While some people think, that AI copywriting tools can help replace human copywriters, it is far from the truth. However, these tools can reduce the time needed to create a good quality piece.

Tools like Nichesss and Copy.ai can help in the brainstorming process, greatly reduce the time needed for researching, help in planning out the content of the piece, and so much more!

If you have never tried using AI copywriting tools, give it a go, you will be surprised!

Artificial intelligence is about replacing human decision with more sophisticated technologies.

Falguni Desai

As you can see, artificial intelligence is used on a daily basis. Whether it is browsing social media on our smartphones, scrolling through the internet, online shopping or using navigation AI is influencing our choices in one way or another.

AI is becoming a bigger part of our lives, as the technology behind it becomes more and more advanced. Machines are improving their ability to learn, correct mistakes and imitate humans. Although concerns have been raised about the use of artificial intelligence, overall, I think we have to accept our lives will always be impacted by its use.

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