What Will the Future of Copywriting Look Like?

There is a growing list of copywriting AI tools, such as Nichesss, Copy.ai, Copysmith, WriteSonic…  So how does the future of copywriting looks like? Will AI completely take over the copywriting process? 
I’m seeing an alarming number of people asking the creators of these tools to create full blog post features, so they can literally enter a keyword, click a button, get content and paste it on their site, before moving onto the next one. In theory, they could have 500 blog posts in a week.
Can you imagine the owner of your favorite blog, like CSS Tricks, The Huffington Post, TechCrunch, Gawker and Engadget suddenly saying: “We’re going to stop creating content ourselves, and instead will automate the process with AI to save time and money.” I know that I would never visit that site again. Can you imagine how boring it would be?
AI can’t empathize with people the way we can, and it may never be able to. Computers are great at crunching numbers and analyzing data, but it’s incapable of understanding the nuances of human language and emotion.
Read one of these AI content pieces and what’s the thing that strikes you the most? For me, it’s the lack of emotion and personality. I honestly don’t ever recall a single piece of AI generated content making me laugh, or making me feel excited about what the product or service can do for me. They’re all matter-of-fact, boring, simple and yes, robotic.
And good luck ever getting a piece of AI content to rank for a even a fairly competitive term. Yes, some long-tail searches are so easy to rank for you basically just need to upload a page, but when you start talking valuable search terms that drive at least a bit of traffic and some conversions, you have no chance.
I look at some of the content I create, and then compare it to these AI tools, and the difference is stark. It’s literally from a different dimension. There’s no comparison.
future of copywriting
However, I do think AI writers have their place. For me, they’re useful for just getting something written down, rather than using Lorem Ipsum. I’ve been using Nichesss for a few days, and I find that generating a quick intro for each section makes it easier for me to get started. I haven’t once not completely rewritten the content, but the fact is it has got me writing a bit sooner than before. I think the content it creates sucks, and none of it would ever make it onto any blog I own or manage, but it can be a decent starting point.
So what do you think? Are you using these AI writers to mass-fill your site with content? Do you plan to? What do you think of them?
Note: This post was written with Nichesss.

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