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Making your writing more compelling is something everyone wants to be able to do. Would you believe me if I said this can be done by simply adding certain words? Below is a list of persuasive words that will be sure to get your readers reading!

Names or You

We all like to feel the center of attention don’t we? Well it would seem so, considering in a recent study you was considered one of the most powerful words! Following a brain activation survey, our names being seen on paper is one of the most exciting things to our brain.

Our names are so personal to each and every person, starting an email or a piece with someone’s name will almost certainly get them reading, if this isn’t possible, the word you comes second- it will make people feel a sense of importance and engagement, which is always appreciated. That’s why names and you are first in this list!


It is without a doubt that everyone loves a freebie! That is why the word free is second in my list. A lot of people will skim through articles or emails for important bits and free is one of those words that will stop them in their tracks. The idea of getting goods or services without charge can create a keen interest in consumers, this will almost certainly bring you at the least more viewers and hopefully more customers.

Be careful using this word though, make sure to not be misleading and describe exactly what they are getting and any terms or conditions. And don’t forget your existing customers, give them a freebie now and then too!


This word causes a sense of urgency in any context, customers don’t like delays- so seeing this word will automatically reassure them. While we are waiting for something, our frontal cortex gets activated in our brain, waiting causes frustration and sometimes anxiety. No seller will want this!

Seeing the word immediately, instant, or fast triggers the mid brain activity- which is much better! Using these words will hopefully help promote to the consumers that they will receive their goods or services efficiently and may be that final nudge they need to become a returning customer.

Brand New

If you were offered a brand new car or a second hand car for almost the same price, which would you choose? It is an obvious one isn’t it- but what isn’t always obvious is promoting that your products are brand new. People will always assume the goods they get will be unused but adding this word to a listing always gets more customers as proven in a study. If you are selling second hand products it is always better to use the words preloved or refurbished as opposed to second hand or used.


In a study by Robert Cialdini a test was conducted where someone tried to cut in line for using a printer. In the first test he asked ‘excuse me, please may I cut in’- this was enough for 60% of people to allow him to. In the second test he said ‘excuse me, please may I cut in, because I am in a rush’- a staggering 94% of people then allowed him to. This is purely because he gave a reason.

Although because may appear to have some sort of brainwashing effect on people, it’s only really a matter of reasoning. Even giving weak reasons have been shown to be more persuasive than giving no reason at all. That is ‘the reason‘ the word because has made it on our list.

Some quick fire persuasive sentence starters:

To introduce:

  • Consider this..
  • You may have heard of..
  • When was the last time..

 To emphasize:

  • That is to say..
  • As a result..
  • I have come to the conclusion because..

To back up a point:

  • As an example
  • In fact
  • According to findings

To finalize:

  • To sum things up
  • As you may have guessed

We hope this list helps you add a touch of persuasion to your next project!

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