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personalize your writing
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It is important to personalize your writing because it can help you to create strong bonds with your readers. But there is a fine line between being personal and being self-indulgent… which nobody likes! Below is a list of ideas to make your next piece a little bit more personal- in the best way possible.

Your Journey

I have come to learn the success of having a back story, people love it. If you think about your favourite celebrity and where they are now, have you ever researched what they used to be before they were famous? It is sometimes captivating to know they were once normal people and people really enjoy learning about it.

Revealing your past will have the same effect, it will make people see you are just human and have a life outside of what you are currently doing. Be sure to give your good stories to keep the audience wanting more.

Have a Point

Did you know that over 79% of readers on the internet will scan over articles instead of actually reading them?! Shocking, I know! You don’t want this to happen to you, so the best way to get around this is to have a point and not go off course. Being clear with the purpose of your content and not rambling will do wonders for your audience. Be sure to build up to the point without going off on a whim, keep your audience excited and wanting to continue to read.

Don't Spill the Tea

When you are a writer there can be a fine line between giving content and gossiping, you want to steer clear of gossip at all times. Gossiping will make you appear inauthentic and untrustworthy which are two major things a writer doesn’t want to be known as! When you are completing your piece always ask yourself

  • Do I have to say that?
  • Do I want to be known for saying that?
  • Will this upset anyone?

You will know the answer to those questions and hopefully, know how to proceed.


Everyone will have a preference when it comes to font, colour, layouts and images- using your own style will automatically make you stand out. Be sure to go with what you personally like as opposed to what others are doing, this will allow people to figure out your style and will also make you recognisable. Doing this offers your readers a glimpse into your personality and will automatically make you seem more approachable.

Avoid Praise and Bad - Mouthing

Now, this isn’t to say avoid all praise; giving other writers recognition when it is due will have you come across as friendly and confident. However, going on a tangent about how much you like something or someone will look like rambling, and as stated above your readers will start to skim over.

Badmouthing someone is always a bad idea, this will obviously have the opposite effect to praising and it certainly is not something you have to say (questions above). Badmouthing an object or item is okay to an extent, if you are reviewing you can be honest, but make sure it is only a review and not a personal attack.

It is always tricky making things personal but not overpowering to the reader, some fine lines can be crossed. Hopefully, by reading this article you have a better idea of how to personalize your writing in just the right way. 

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