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iPhone is one of the leading selling phones across the globe, but there are so many features on an iPhone that most go unnoticed, below we are going to look at some of the iPhone features that may have skipped your attention.

Video and Photo at the Same Time

Have you ever been in that situation where you are taking a video and really wish you could have captured a moment on photo? It is frustrating, the usual way around this is to pause the video and screenshot it, but this lowers the quality of the picture. Well, with an iPhone, you can actually do both at the same time! While recording a video, simply tap the camera button, which will appear beside the red button to record, and a photo will be taken without disrupting the video!

Schedule Quiet Time

This one is one of my favorites, it is great for your mental health. Sometimes unwanted phone calls or messages can come through at the worst times, whether it be in a meeting or whether you are just wanting some down time. There is a way to silence these calls and messages but still know when they have come through, it is essentially a ‘do not disturb’ mode.

Simply swipe upwards from the home screen and tap on the moon icon to activate it. You can also schedule it through your settings, for example by scheduling a daily down time overnight.  You can also manage the settings to have exceptions, for example if you have certain people you would like to hear from or if somebody calls twice in a row so it seems urgent. This is a great feature that not many people know about!

Shake to Undo

This one is quite a fun feature to have, let’s pretend you are writing an important email, or even a shopping list you need to remember, then you accidently delete all of it, how frustrating would that be?! Did you know that if you give your iPhone a shake, it will bring up the undo/redo feature? Simply click it and it will undo or redo whatever you last did. This feature can be a life saver sometimes, especially if you are in a hurry and bound to make mistakes!

Create Custom Sounds

One of the most annoying things is when you can hear your phone ringing but can’t find it in your pocket or handbag, you don’t know if the call is important and you are stressing trying to get to it before the call cuts off. Well, you can set custom sounds! You can do it for anyone in your phone book- a partner, children, parents and friends. That way, you will know exactly who is calling just by hearing the tone. You can do this by going into your phone contacts. Hit the edit button and scroll down until you see the ‘ringtone’ field – you can tap that and choose a vibration or ringtone to use just for them. Simple!

Extend Your Battery Life

If you know you are going to be out all day without a charger but need your phone battery to last, you can extend its battery life by putting it in battery saver mode. You can find this low power mode in your settings under ‘battery’. This will turn off the iPhone features that run in the background that are draining your battery but it shouldn’t be noticeable to you, this will allow you to still use your phone and make you battery last longer at the same time. Win-win!

There are many, many features on an iPhone, you will slowly come across them as you explore your phone, but we hope the above features will allow you to use your phone a little easier!

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