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There is a lot of talk about content writing these days and a lot of misconceptions. Here are some content writing tips from an online marketing expert.

You may have read recommendations on the internet to only focus on the user or customer; others say to do that and implement search engine optimization (SEO), while still others say not to consider SEO or marketing strategies, at all.

With so many contradicting messages, I imagine it must be confusing for someone inexperienced in online marketing and content writing to fully grasp what high quality content is and how it can work for you.

Quick Summary of Content Writing Tips Ahead

  • High quality content and SEO can coexist and is ideal.
  • SEO content must be exceptionally written and articulated.
  • If you are not skilled at SEO, it is probably best not to attempt it.
  • Great care and research should be carried out when writing with SEO in mind.
  • Low quality content will negate high quality content.
  • Writing quality content should go beyond just being original.

Tip #1: Know SEO or hire someone who knows it

The truth is, if you do write content and bear in mind SEO, you should make sure you really know what you’re doing and have some expertise in SEO. If you don’t have any SEO expertise, then yes, it will probably hurt you more than help you. When SEO content writing is done improperly, it can cause a website to lose rankings and may be categorized by the search engines as low quality content.

It’s important to note that having low quality content on your website or blog does hurt your website as a whole. In other words, it can negate other efforts in providing high quality content.

In short, if you are not an SEO expert, it is best to stay away from trying to implement it till you’re competent enough to be called an intermediate-level SEO. This couldn’t be truer today with the Google Panda and Penguin algorithm updates that severely penalize spammy, keyword stuffed, and low quality sites.

Tip #2: Mesh SEO and high quality content together

Writing high quality content that accomplishes SEO takes great skill, articulation, and research. Without a doubt, you must also be a great writer. After all, you must produce high quality content that is not only expressing a topic well, but is also subtly framed with an SEO strategy.

Tip #3: Provide real and significant value

Some say that quality content is just original and that’s all it has to be. However, that is a very narrow view. Though high quality writing must be unique to be valuable on the internet, it must go beyond that. It must convey topics and ideas well. The content should be something visitors to your page want to read after they’ve arrived; it engages them. If you want new visitors to your website and want to increase your search engine rankings, then it should be something people searching the internet are interested in reading.

Tip #4: Write about very interesting topics

For instance, you can write the highest quality web page or blog post on “Going Green on Mars” but if no one is searching for that, it is unlikely you will get new visitors to your website via that page. If they are already on your site, maybe some will be interested in reading it. If it is very interesting, it may get shared on social media or get backlinked to and gain SEO value in that sense, but that is a gamble.

This is not to say all webpages are only intended to draw in new visitors. I am merely illustrating that if you want a significant number of new web visitors from organic search results, then search engine optimized web pages should be created. These web pages must be of the highest quality to gain the most in the short-term and long-term and to outlast any updates to search engine algorithms.

If you have an opinion to share on the topic, I would love to hear more about it. Drop in a comment below. Thanks for reading.

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