Christmas Gifts for Copywriters

Christmas gifts
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With Christmas just around the corner, the dreaded ‘what do I get’ is in force. One of the hardest people to buy for are the creative people! You can rest assured because below we are looking at the perfect Christmas gifts for copywriters.

Noise Cancelling Headphones

Noise cancelling headphones are great for a lot of people, gamers, office workers…But none more so than copywriters. When trying to concentrate there is nothing worse than the noises in the background becoming a distraction. By selecting these as a gift you will be helping them to write faster and work more efficiently, they will love you for it! Get some here.

Bed Desk

When you are all tucked up in bed the last thing you want to do is get up to go to work, whether that be the office or a coffee shop! We have a solution that your copywriter friend will thank us for. Bed desks mean you can do your work while still tucked up and cozy! There is even space for a bowl of cereal and a coffee next to the laptop, not only that, it is great for chilling with Netflix in the evening too! You can grab yours here.

Notepaper Roller

This one should be pretty obvious but actually isn’t, as a copywriter we take A LOT of notes, sometimes it is hard to find spare pieces of paper we haven’t already scribbled on! A notepaper roller is the perfect solution to this, you can tear off or keep on the roll as you please and as it is on a roll you will always be able to find the paper you usually desperately search for. You can get yours here.

Coffee Cup

Now, how many times have you walked in a coffee shop and seen workers tapping away vigorously on their laptops, sipping their coffee as they go. Getting a sustainable coffee cup for your copywriter friend will mean they can do this on the go. It will also keep their coffee warm while they spend hours pondering on what to write next. Be sure it is leak proof though! Get yours here.

Hand Therapy Ball

Writing and typing all day really is tiring, not only on the mind but on the hands and wrists too. Carpal tunnel syndrome is rife in copywriters and other professions that use their hands all day long. A hand therapy ball can sit on the desk and be picked up and used whenever their hands are feeling stiff, they are so easy to use and make such a difference to hand and wrist strain. Your copywriter friend will be delighted with it! Get yours here.

A Fun Tea Towel

Fun tea towels have been around years and are still a great gift to give. You could get all the misused grammar put on a tea towel, or certain phrases from their part of the country, you could even get their favourite book printed onto the towel, the possibilities are endless and you can make it so personalised, no one will have a towel like them! Here is one we love.

So, there we have it, 6 great gifts any copywriter would love to have under their tree this year! Feel free to share with your friends that may be finding it hard to pick a gift! Happy Christmas!

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