How to Attract More Readers to Your Blog

attract more readers to your blog
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There are a lot of reasons why people start blogging, it could be to find more customers, or even just to become a better writer. No matter the reason, you will always need a steady readership to make it worth your while.

So how do you get more traffic? Here are some handy tips to help you attract more readers to your blog and make sure they keep coming back for more!

Patience is a Virtue

You have probably read all these articles and seen all the stories about how successful people have become while writing blogs. How their salary is higher than their full-time job.

Although this can be the case, it isn’t always, and it certainly isn’t without a lot of work! To become a successful blogger with a lot of readers takes time, patience and a lot of trial and error. Once you have established what your readers like, it will become a lot easier, but at the beginning – be patient. 


When first starting out figuring out what type of content to write can be daunting. Do research on what readers like to read the most, while also considering what you are most interested in and how you can make it unique. You will start to notice a pattern– which content is the most viewed and which is the least. Once you have figured this out, it will be all plain sailing!

Get Social

Social media is arguably the biggest platform to get yourself noticed. Building a fan base on the likes of Instagram and Facebook will undoubtedly go hand in hand with building your traffic. If you are an influencer on social media, imagine how many people are going to be encouraged to read your blog!

Share your pieces everywhere! Ask for feedback, good and bad, ask for topic ideas, ask as many questions as you feel are needed to make sure your next blog is your best yet. You can even make a page with snippets of your blogs to get people interested. The possibilities are endless.

Get Your Site Indexed

When you get started on a new blog or a new website, you might be expecting visitors to start coming eagerly. In reality, before people start visiting your site, search engines need to find, index and rank it.

To do this you will need to build a sitemap – a file that contains information about your website. In plain language, it is a list of your most important pages. It is a useful tool that helps Google find and explore your site. This will make it a lot easier for your readers to find your page with the relevant keywords. There are plenty of helpful articles and tools online to help you, for example this article.

Featured Images and Font

One of the most important things when starting a blog is the imagery. This is what will first catch people’s attention while scrolling through. Make sure your images are clear, clean and relevant.

This also goes with the font and sizing. You don’t want to use a complicated font or sizing which is too big; colours could draw people in but could also make your blog look more childish, so be careful when choosing.

Choosing a fresh and simple background also looks best when there is a lot of busy writing on top. Have a play around and choose your favourite, it will be your own individual style.

"Blogging is not rocket science, it's about being yourself and putting what you have into it."


It can be an extremely frustrating time when you are just starting out in your blogging journey. You will face many challenges to overcome, but keep persevering – eventually, you’ll succeed to attract more readers to your blog!

While writing about what is relevant to other people is important, the best strategy is to write about something you are passionate about, to begin with. Overall, try not to fret too much over it, mistakes will happen, try to enjoy yourself and try to relax!

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