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Did you know that there are 3.5 billion people in the world who use smartphones daily? Knowing this makes you realize how important having good apps can be! With smartphone blogging growing rapidly, we are going to show you the top five apps for bloggers.


WordPress is the number one content management system in the world with 35% of web pages using it, so it’s a no brainer to have the app. What exactly can you do with the app?

  • Publish on the go
  • Add photos and videos
  • Reply to comments
  • Check stats in real-time
  • Receive notifications
  • Gain access to WordPress Reader

You can download WordPress here:

iOS and Android


A lot of bloggers just starting out will use the Blogger app, this is because all you need is a Google account and you’re good to go. Some of the benefits of this app are:

  • Create a post as a draft or publish it
  • Edits are done easily
  • Easily switch accounts
  • Embed images from your gallery
  • Add labels to your posts

You can download the Blogger app here.


For a blogger, having a decent email app is so important. You will need to answer questions, accept invitations and collaborate with others. The majority of people will use Gmail as their go-to email app, below are the great features:

  • Undo accidentally sent emails
  • Switch between multiple accounts
  • Swipe to delete or archive to quickly clear your inbox
  • Respond to Google calendar invites
  • Organise your inbox
  • Receive and send attachments

You can download Gmail here:

iOS and  Android.

Google Analytics

When blogging or starting a website, you will always need to know what has done well and what hasn’t, this is done by monitoring your traffic. Google Analytics allows you to:

  • Monitor real-time traffic data
  • Check sessions and new users
  • Get an overview of traffic using mobile, desktop, etc.
  • Compare data rangers
  • Apply segments

You can download this amazing app here:

iOS and Android.

If staying productive is something you struggle with, is the app for you! This to-do list app is used by more than 25 million people so it really speaks for itself. gives you the ability to:

  • Use it as an all-in-one to-do list, calendar, planner and reminders app
  • Connect to over 2000 other apps
  • Drag and drop tasks to plan your day
  • Attach notes, files and subtasks
  • Search for lists, tasks and notes
  • Add one time or recurring reminders

You can download this app here:

iOS and Android.

There are millions of blogs out there and the best way to build a successful blog is to use your blogging time productively. Here’s where blogging apps come in handy as they can help you manage your blogs, social media profiles, emails, etc. easily. We hope the above list gives you a good head start!

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