Advantages of 5G

advantages of 5g
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With 5G taking the world by storm we set out to find out what the advantages were over 4G. 5G is a mobile communications standard intended to replace 4G, allowing wireless internet access at a much higher speed, but is this all it is good for? We have listed some of the main advantages of 5G you may find interesting to know about.

Speed Upgrades

This is the obvious one we have briefly mentioned above. Everyone wants speedy internet, so how is this going to change exactly? Well, according to experts, 5G is looking to be up to 100x faster than 4G! This is great news for consumers and anyone working from home. In fact, when 5G networks roll out, it is strong competition against strong alternative broadband connections. With speeds of 10 Gbps, online shopping, contacting customers, browsing social media and anything else online will be an absolute breeze!

Low Latency

Latency measures how long a signal takes to go from its source to its receiver and back again. One of the main goals for any wireless network is to reduce latency. The new 5G networks will outdo 4G networks by providing an all-round transmission trip of less than 5 milliseconds!

5G latency is going to be faster than a human can visually process, this will make it possible to control devices remotely in almost real time. The only thing that won’t allow this to happen is human reaction speed, however, there are new applications which involve machine to machine communication cutting out the human, meaning it won’t matter how quickly you can respond. Amazing!

Increased Bandwidth

Having the combination of speed and capacity on 5G networks will allow for the potential of larger amounts of data to be transmitted than any 4G networks. 5G allows greater optimization of network traffic and great handling of usage spikes. Have you ever been at a concert and no matter how much you’ve tried you just haven’t been able to get a connection? Well 5G may be able to make it possible to live stream the experience from any seat in the arena.

This is great news for companies, too. Companies receive far more information from customers, suppliers, and teams than they can process and analyze. With 5G connectivity and big data analytics, these businesses can turn large volumes of data into data they can easily process.

Car Technology

With millions of people driving cars nowadays and the amount of car crashes on the rise, car technology and safety are paramount. 5G communication makes it possible for cars linked to smart traffic management systems to exchange information such as location, speed and destination. This makes it possible to warn drivers of possible hazards before they approach them. Not only this, but live weather updates are available to drivers to alert of any unsafe driving conditions. With only a 0.7 second window to react to a potential collision 5G allows the odds to be in your favor.


Possibly one of the most important points on this list is healthcare, we will all need it at some point in our lives. Advances in medicine are always happening, with the new illnesses and diseases being discovered daily there is always need for expert input. 5G will enable real-time high-quality mobile-based video with experts not in your area meaning doctors will be able to collaborate easier and therefore solve any issues quicker. And with better AI and quicker processing times illnesses can be resolved a lot quicker than a few years ago. We think 5G is detrimental to our health care providers!

The 5G evolution is extraordinary and really has stormed into the 21st century. Let’s see what the future holds for technology!

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